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I may not see in front of me, But I can see for miles around when I look over my shoulder, and Lord, it`s clear. You`ve brought me here, So faithful every step of the way. What can I do but follow you, For You are the Way, the Truth, the Life, And You`ve promised never to leave me, My Savior, my friend, From beginning to end.

I Am Found In You by Steven Curtis Chapman
By: Ron Edmondson Friday, February 27, 1998
I will grant peace in the land, and you will lie down and no one will make you afraid. Leviticus 26:6 NIV

I went to a meeting today. It was one of those high stress meetings. You might call it a power meeting. Everyone was on edge, ready to leave, yet so much had to be accomplished. There was big money at stake. Jobs, future contacts, and profits were on the line for me and everyone else in the room. Can you say P R E S S U R E ?

I left with my stomach in knots. My wife paged me as I was walking out to see where I wanted to go for supper (like I had time for that kind of question). So, of course, I bit her head off. Which, believe me, was the wrong thing to do! (and I needed an exclamation point to end that sentence!)

Why did I react in such a way? This was a high pressure meeting, and it meant a great deal to me professionally, but why did I have to get so keyed up? I'll tell you why..... because I was trying to find my peace in the world.

I knew that if all went well at this meeting, I would be whistling...all the way to the bank. My peace was being positioned on the results of this meeting.

Friends, I made a huge mistake. You see, I was looking for something where it couldn't be found. Peace for me (or you) will not be found in this world.......apart from the owner of peace.....Almighty God. God is the only place to find peace, because it is His to distribute.

If you had a fancy new convertible and I wanted to take it for a spin, unless I wanted to go to jail, I'd have to ask your permission, and you would have to give me the keys. It would be yours to loan.

That is the same way with peace. We can get peace only from the one who holds the title: God the Creator.

I have to go back to my meeting tomorrow. I hope God grants me peace......(pray for me)..and success too...but more than that.....I hope I look to Him to provide it!

And by the way, I hear it is going to be pretty tomorrow, can we put the top down?

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