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I may not see in front of me, But I can see for miles around when I look over my shoulder, and Lord, it`s clear. You`ve brought me here, So faithful every step of the way. What can I do but follow you, For You are the Way, the Truth, the Life, And You`ve promised never to leave me, My Savior, my friend, From beginning to end.

I Am Found In You by Steven Curtis Chapman
Blast Those Astriods Just For Fun
StoneRoids - This 'Astriods-type' Java Applet game is the Fastest and Best! Scroll down for instructions on how to play and information about the Author. Optimized to work with JIT Compiler Browers (MSIE 3+ & Netscape 4+). Have Fun!

This requires a Java Enabled Browser.

Download either Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer.

Rotate Left / Right
Thrust Up / Down
Weapons < and >
FIRE! Space
Click in applet window to pause and unpause game.

Bonuses galore! Collect those powerups before the Aliens do!

Don't get your lasers too hot! ;-)

ZStoner's Home Page
Bruce Stone
Rated for Java excellence by JARS.

Regular Size game, HERE for a larger playing field version!

All materials © 2021 Richard G. Schlief
Additional © noted where applicable.
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